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Thomas Edison once said that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Start-up life is no different- getting that Series A investment funding is all down to finding the magic formula for combining hard work and big ideas.

Here is our list of inspiration for May to help you make those Big World Changing Ideas that are going to make your business soar!

1) Silicon Valley: Season 1a TV Show by HBO

This comedy series has been a runaway success and it’s not hard to see why. Silicon Valley follows the story of startup Pied Piper as they race their new product to market before the large corporate Hoolie does. This show has a side splittingly funny and shockingly accurate take on the tech startup scene, from the copy-and-paste elevator pitches at Hackathons to the surprising sources of inspiration CEO’s draw on to help their companies take it to the next level. At turns hilarious and educational for any newbie to the startup scene, Silicon Valley will appeal to anyone that has had to (or will have to!) sit through a VC meeting to try to turn that great idea into a solid business strategy.

2) Meeting Myself Coming Back: Richard Bransona podcast by BBC

Let’s face it, Richard Branson is still the undisputed poster boy for many budding entrepreneurs. He’s creative, fearless and hopelessly in love with the very concept of company building. He’s also humble enough to acknowledge that he still has to learn from his mistakes every single day- even at the age of 67 with over $5 billion USD to his name. In this edition of Meeting Myself Coming Back, Branson takes a look back at some of the key interviews in his career, showing a fascinating peek behind the curtain at one of the greatest businessmen of our generation.

3) Let’s Talk… Startup and Corporate Collaboration – an article by DynamicBusiness.Au

Collaborations between startups and corporates can build into beautiful relationships, building brand credibility, contacts and opportunities for blue sky thinking in both companies. However, if it’s not handled correctly, it can also end up being disastrous for all involved. In this edition of Let’s Talk… representatives from companies such as, DropBox, TechStars and Blockchain Centre, discuss how best to manage a startup/corporate partnership.

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