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Thomas Edison once said that success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. Start-up life is no different- getting that Series A investment funding is all down to finding the magic formula for combining hard work and big ideas.

Here is our list of inspiration for April to help you make those Big World Changing Ideas that are going to make your business soar!

Bill Gross has founded a lot of startups and incubated a lot more. After a long career in the startup eco-system, he noticed that some startups that should have succeeded were still failing, and those he expected to fail were succeeding with flying colors. A curious person by nature, Bill started to examine the data of every startup he had either founded or been involved in to see if he could identify a pattern. And what he discovered might shock you!


How I built this is a podcast that runs hundreds of interviews with entrepreneurs, investors and innovators to find out the real story behind how some of the world’s best-known brands were built from the ground up. How I built this has interviews with everyone from James Dyson to Michael Dell, to find out more about the rollercoaster ride that is known as start-up life.


We all remember the famous scene in Wall Street, where Gordon Gekko drawls sardonically “you wanna friend in business? Get a dog.” But is that true? Most startups will proudly state that their very first employees were recruited directly from the small group of talented individuals they socialize with. Friendship and business can absolutely go together, just look around the room at any coworking center! The real question is how can your friendship survive the exhilarating and tense twists and turns that take you from day dream to profit? Dan Saks, the CEO of AppDirect gives a fascinating insight into how he manages to balance friendship and business, whilst working cheek by jowl with his best friend and cofounder.

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