What is a coworker centre?

Firstly, it is so much more than just a desk and a chair in a shared office facility! You will become part of a vibrant, thriving and mutually supportive business community. Experienced business people will be available to offer support, advice, and guidance on most aspects of setting up and running your own business. Most of us have successfully done it ourselves already, some multiple times! Seed funding and Angel investment capital could also be available for qualifying startups. Regular networking and mentoring sessions will be provided on all aspects of setting up and running your business; from sales & marketing to legal and financial aspects. To give your new business every chance of success. You are free to join in and take advantage of these freesupport sessions – or not, as you wish to. There is no pressure at all to ‘join in’ – but somehow we have a feeling that you will want to!

Investor evenings will also be arranged to enable selected startups to make presentations directly to the local angel investment community to raise seed & development capital. The Hubs’ mentors will help you (without charge!) to prepare professional and convincing pitches to give you every opportunity of success with these!

We currently have four Business Hubs open. Two of these are in the business district of Colpetty. Our flagship mega-hub is in Nugegoda and we also have a mini-hub in Mount Lavinia.

Is parking provided?

There is limited car parking at some of the centres. However, there is on-street parking on the nearby side roads of all of our centres. All of our Business Hubs are well served by public transport, both buses, and trains.

How much will a seat cost and what is included?

Places can be booked as an individual, or by small groups, for a per seat monthly cost from as little as Rs. 14,000. This is fully inclusive of utilities such as Wi-Fi, electricity, and water. We also provide new modern office furniture and unlimited tea, coffee, and bottled water. Just bring your laptop, sit down and start to build your business! If you don’t have a laptop yet, then you can even rent one of our desktop PCs for just Rs. 5,000 per month.

Are there many networking opportunities?

We have regular get-togethers and networking events, in the day and evenings, to allow everyone in our Business Hubs as well as our Virtual Hubbers Community to get to know, help and of course, do business with each other. The details of each meet-up are posted at each Hub and on our Facebook group page. An app is currently being developed to enable more direct and fast communication across the whole Business Hubs Community. This will enable Members, both physical and also Virtual Hubbers from all over the island, to network, collaborate, find new customers/supplies or partners, and also even find an investor! Or maybe an investor will be able to identify those in our community who are seeking investment or mentoring support. Business Hubs are all about collaboration!

Do I have to sign long contracts and lock away large sums of money to pay for a deposit?

No. Resident Hubber Coworking spaces are paid for on a monthly basis, in advance, with just one month’s deposit being paid as security against any damages or miscellaneous expenses, i.e. printing,etc. We are currently waiving the security deposit, for a limited time only, to all new Hubbers. Don’t miss out, contact one of our representatives today!

Can I cancel once I’ve signed up?

Just one month’s notice for Private Offices and one week’s notice for shared coworking spaces is all that is required to cancel your Hub membership, although once you’ve become a part of the Business Hubs Community, we doubt you’ll ever want to leave!

Can I pay online or by credit card?

Business Hubs is all about flexibility and convenience. For a small additional convenience fee, we offer you the facility to pay by credit card.

Are larger & private offices available?

Yes, a few private offices, seating from 2 to 25 people, are available for longer term booking. We require a minimum of 3 months at a time and we can provide private offices with or without furniture at most of our Hubs.

Are lockers available?

Yes, individual lockers are available for hire at some Hubs so that you don’t have to carry your things back and forth every day.

Are the Business Hubs secure?

Yes,entry to each Hub can only be obtained by pre-registered members via secure fingerprint access control. All Hubs also have round the clock CCTV. All guests need to be accompanied at all times by a registered member.

Will admin support be available?

Your monthly membership fee does not cover any specific secretarial services. However, arrangements can be made to assist you on a case-by-case basis, at a small additional charge. Colour printing and scanning is available at each Hub at very competitive charges.

What are the hours can I access the Hubs?

Most of our Hubs will have 24/7 access, however, please note that our Colpetty Hub currently only has 8am to 8pm access on Monday to Friday. This is a requirement by the property owner, who lives above the centre. You are welcome to use any other Hub as a hot desker at any time. Our Deal Place Hub is just a short walk away and is open 24/7.

Are private meeting rooms available for booking?

Yes,small (2/3 seats) and larger (6/8 seats) are available for booking, on a first-come basis. These are free for Resident Hubbers. Non-members can book our meeting rooms for just Rs. 4,000 per hour, inclusive of free teas, coffees, and bottled water.

Can I have temporary access?

Yes,daily hot desking is available for just Rs. 2,000 per day or Rs. 10,000 per month for a 10 day bundle. Just think, how much are you currently spending sitting in a coffee bar each day?  Well, have we got news for you! All Hubbers, whether you are a pre-registered member or visiting our Hubs temporarily, can enjoy our free unlimited tea, coffee, and water!

Virtual Memberships

Remote Virtual Hubbers memberships allow you to use our address for your business correspondence. Please note we do not allow the use of our address for company registrations.

Virtual members will also be invited to join the Hub’s Community social, networking and business events, and mentoring sessions for free. You will also be able to book the meeting and conference rooms for a small extra charge, subject to availability.

You will be able to market your services to one of the widest communities of fellow startups and small businesses for just Rs. 5,000 per month.

How do I join?

Membership of a Business Hub is by application and possibly an interview too. We don’t want you to waste your money unless we are convinced that your business has a fair chance of succeeding. We can offer free advice on developing your idea and business plan – if required.

Can I transfer to a different Hub when it becomes available?

Yes, priority will be given to existing Business Hub members for all new Hubs as they open up. We will simply transfer your deposit and any unused portion of that month’s membership fee to the new Hub. Simple!

Great! How do I reserve a seat?

You can book seating at any of our hubs by simply filling out the enquiry/registration form. You can also call Jeremy Muller on 072 726 8078 for general inquiries or call Anoja Perera, our Community Manager for the Nugegoda Hub, on 077 890 0801.

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