Ceylon Devs
9/9, Arethusa Lane,
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WordPress Solutions tailored for you

CeylonDevs is a Colombo-based Technology agency specializing in WordPress. Our technology experts are always up to date on the latest digital trends and tools. Our team has contributed to the WordPress Core, PolyGlots, WordPress Theme Reviews, as well as giving back to the WordPress community by hosting monthly meetups and speaking at WordCamps all over the world. We understand your business goals and priorities, at CeylonDevs, we strive to ensure that we are able to help you attain your business goals with respect to scope, time, cost and quality, all in a transparent manner. We also understand that your priorities can change, our philosophy of building for iteration, and by leveraging the power of WordPress, allows us to maintain a flexibility and agility that directly benefits you and your business.

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Colpetty Business Hub
1st Floor, 366 Galle Road,
Colombo 03
We help companies reduce operational risk

We help companies correct data entry errors, improve processes and identify data manipulation in transactions.   We take daily transactions and compare them with past transactions using a series of Forensic Analytics tests to find risky transactions.  These are given thru alerts and self service analytics.

Companies that have used our product last year have changed 0.7% of payments during a 12 month period.

Earlier versions of the product has been featured in the CIO Magazine and  ComputerWorld.  The product has been cited in a presentation at the American Accounting Association Annual conference 2014.  It has been adopted to enhance students learning experience at the Asia Pacific University Malaysia.  Forestpin has one provisional patent with the USPTO.  Forestpin was  one of fifty companies selected for general open office hours by Ycombinator in January 2016.  Some of the largest companies in Sri Lanka use Forestpin Analytics

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Direct Solutions Int. Ltd.
Colpetty Business Hub,
366 1st Floor, Galle Road,
Colombo 03
Direct Solutions specialises in increasing the Return on Investment through the use of data using all forms of communication.

Direct Solutions Int is a company that uses data in all its forms to increase the return on investment of a company from its customers.

It is the only company in Sri Lanka with the skills and experience to do this.

It has the ability to acquire new customers via targeted data rental and selective media channels, develop them through the use of a choice of reward programmes and data analytics and retain them to prevent customer loss.

It produces creative work that is designed to achieve one objective.

Increase sales.

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Leafcutter Creative Digital
No. 208 Stanley Thilakerathne Mawatha, Nugegoda 10250
Leafcutter is an innovative digital agency specialised in accelerating change within organisations using web and mobile technology.

The ants go marching one by one hurrah, hurrah. In 2011, Leafcutter was started by two ambitious founders, today we are a bold, growing agency working on solving problems and improving businesses through technology for a range of clients, from leading global companies to funded startups. Why Leafcutter? Well, the foundations of a Leafcutter Ant society are based on teamwork, cooperation and being highly organised. Leafcutter Ants are also surprisingly strong and can carry up to 40 times their own body weight at a time. Applied to our team, this requires every person to be highly capable, experienced and reliable which also happens to be our guiding principles.

Our agency was founded on an idea. The idea that we could do more as a group, a group who are focused on creating real value through digital technology by leveraging it to powerful effect. We have proved that by leveraging our passion and knowledge of digital technology, whilst being able to craft it through clever design and in depth strategic decision making, we can drive cost and time savings for businesses both at home in Australia and abroad. At the end of the day it all comes down to this; we exist to create value through technology.

We’re a team of digital experts, together we are Your Digital Partner. Each team member has a fantastic track record demonstrating consistent performance and delivery of ROI. The team embodies a variety of digital knowledge and expertise. Our mix of talents ensures that our work is well critiqued and contributed to before it leaves our doors, guaranteeing a high quality output and brilliant results for you every time.

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Rhino Partners
208 Stanley Thilakerathne Mawatha, Nugegoda
IT consultation and software solutions

Audit tech stacks. We do security audits for web applications, provide software services.

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Centavo (PVT) LTD
208, Stanley Thilakarathne Mawatha, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka.
Centavo is a fast growing internet telephony company which was founded by veteran of the VOIP industry with combined experience of over 20 years.

We are a company that develops telecommunication software, systems and devices.

We provide technology and outsourcing services. From a single individual to large organizations, we serve to your satisfaction.

We are a small team, running big operations all over the world.

As a company we encourage our team to work in a very comfortable manner, where working is enjoyable and motivating. We interact with each other; maintain our intercommunication and smart strategies to push ourselves to provide the best service for you.

Centavo is the ultimate solution for telecommunication requirements of wholesale, enterprise and mid markets. You can rely on us for all your communication needs and your reliable source of hi-tech communication services, and applications.

As we have the greatest interconnection with more than 100 carriers worldwide, we are able to guarantee 100% satisfaction in all sorts of services we provide.

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Voigue (Pvt) Ltd
6/3, Queen Street, Essendon 3040, Victoria, Australia
Voigue is an Australian based company who offers outsourced solutions with virtualized work forces, embracing a strong passion to enhance and reinforce the growth of noncore business activities of businesses. The ultimate goal is to deliver a reliable, consistent and convenient support / service with an experienced, qualified team, to other businesses in the areas which the key business functionalities depend on.

Voigue is an Australian based company who offers outsourced solutions with virtualized work forces, embracing a strong passion to enhance and reinforce the growth of noncore business activities of businesses. The ultimate goal is to deliver a reliable, consistent and convenient support / service with an experienced, qualified team, to other businesses in the areas which the key business functionalities depend on.
We are capable of providing an outstanding range of services, to versatile areas from which businesses can benefit with expertise knowledge, quicker response at a lower cost. Our operations will be rendering 24X7X365 assuring a convenient communication and efficient service levels. The service range we offer is vast but can be narrowed down to following categories.

Business process outsourcing
Accounting solutions
Information and technology solutions
Contact center services
Virtual Assistance
Network/ software Support

We can assure that the workforces, that are assigned to provide services, are comprised of qualified, experienced individuals with a vast knowledge and excellent competency levels.
The journey is easy when you accompany the right partners. So, let us be that ideal partner who’d assist you throughout your journey towards success.

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Jam Fruit Tree Publications
Deal Place Business Hub
1st Floor, 24 Deal Place,
Colombo 03
Professional editing, proofreading, typesetting, layout, cover design and printing.

The Jam Fruit Tree Publications was incorporated with the intention of providing authors with a platform to publish their works backed by good editorial, high-quality print, layout, design, producing better quality literature and content.

Backed by years of experience and first-hand experience of the pros and cons of the publishing industry, The Jam Fruit Tree Publications, with its connections to the most celebrated Sri Lankan author base, gives you a unique insight into the publishing world and is best equipped to advise you on all aspects of publishing, assisting you with the fruition of your written word.

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Impressions Property Management & Realty
312/2, 6/4 Galle Rd
Colombo 04
Real estate agent and facilitators for sale and rent/lease of houses, apartments, villas, commercial properties and the sale of land.

Property Management Service for both residential apartments and office complexes

Impressions is dedicated to finding you the perfect house, apartment, land or commercial property and also offer a star class property management service.

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Addictive International
1st Floor, 24, Deal Place,
Colombo 03
Addictive creates solutions for your business that really work! Contact us for all your adverting and marketing consultancy needs
+94 72 726 8078