About Business Hubs

Our Mission

Rapid and sustainable growth doesn’t come from large corporates. It comes from startups and the SME sector. We are creating communities where startups and early stage businesses can thrive by making use of valuable services, mentorship, networking opportunities, social events, and investor meet-ups. Enjoy working differently!

Our Vision

Business Hubs’ vision is to be a catalyst for positive change in the startup eco-system in Sri Lanka. We want to reduce the alarming statistic of 8 out of 10 startups sadly failing within their first 18 months. We believe that this can be reduced to just 5 out of 10, for those startups which are in one of our Business Hubs! We create mutually supportive communities, where entrepreneurs and early stage businesses can grow and thrive, in a vibrant and positive environment. Our team of friendly experienced business professionals are always on hand to offer unbiased advice and help, whenever you need it. As your business grows, they can also assist you with marketing solutions, financial services, and advice as well as IT and admin support, as and when required.

In short, Business Hubs give your business every possible chance of success.

Enjoy Working Differently!

Help, Advice And Support is Always On Hand

Business Hubs gives entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses an essential foothold. We provide quality office accommodation at an affordable price with a low cost and very flexible commitment.

We are genuinely passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and the startup community in Sri Lanka. We love being able to ‘give a little back’ to help others embark on the amazing and exciting journey of becoming your own boss! We believe in creating real value for yourselves, your families and for the country too.

Business Hubs is so much more than just a desk and a chair in a shared office facility! We are building business communities that entrepreneurs can be successful in!

Seed funding and Angel Investment capital could also be available for qualifying startups. Regular networking and mentoring sessions are held on many aspects of setting up and running your business profitably; from sales & marketing to legal and financial aspects to give your new business every possible chance of success.

We also arrange investor evenings, to enable selected startups to make presentations directly to the local angel investment community to raise seed & development capital. Our Business Hubs’ mentors will help you, often with little or no charge, to prepare and even to help you to deliver professional knock out pitches.

Be a part of our Community